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About Us

In the kingdom of Cambodia when it comes to interior designing and architectural design there is only one name that can be trusted - MING WUOY DECORATION.

Established in 1997 MING WUOY is the largest interior design and architectural firm in the country. We offer the latest and most modern designs to the Cambodian market. Although we cater to local clientele our designs and resources are outsourced from other countries providing our clients the assurance that all our products and services are of the best quality.

The Cambodian interior design and architectural market is potentially huge and currently we only service a small fraction of the market but have great future opportunities_ We continue to offer our clients the best concepts, designs and service to make their dreams come true. MING WUOY manages to be the market leader through it's integrity, concepts and cutting edge designs. As a result they have retained the trust of their clients and always provide the best quality products and services.

Our aim is to continually surprise and delight our customers with new innovative ideas because we believe strongly that our customers always come first. Although we are currently operating in the local market we are extending our services to the global arena.

Choosing MING WUOY not only means choosing a better lifestyle but it will also result in your dreams coming true and your expectations being exceeded. In Ming Wuoy "we make it happen!"

In 2005 Ming Wuoy Decoration opened the Ming Wuoy Factory. With this new facility the company are now completely integrated From initial design to build and to subsequent sale in the Furniture shops. In addition the Furniture factory also accepts orders directly for most types of fabrication ranging from kitchen cabinets / tables / office furniture / partitions etc.

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